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"Visions of Light: Inspirational Poetry and Stunning Photography" by Raymond Klein. Hardcover book. 144 Pages. Publication date April, 2014




Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite


Visions of Light: Inspirational Poetry, Stunning Photography by Raymond J. Klein is, as the title suggests, a stunning collection of photographs and poems that will take readers on an enthralling journey and will encourage them to discover their own imagination and creativity. The images are a melange of designs, abstracts, scenics, close-ups, action photography; fabulous images to go with the words that will leave readers awestruck and wanting more. So without further ado, let us explore the book and get motivated to explore the hidden thoughts and emotions inside us.


Divided into two parts, Experiments, Experiments Explained, the collection reaches out to all types of readers. Ekphrastic poetry has always been popular right from the times of Homer and Horace. What makes it appealing is that visual art and words leave readers to interpret the author's thoughts and minds in myriad ways. The colors are bright and some of the photographs, images, and poetry will evoke a zen-like feeling in the minds of poetry lovers. It is so difficult to choose a favorite image or a poem from this collection. Every single picture and poem is insightful, meaningful, and profound and are good tools to help readers perceive the world with a fresh approach. The words as well the images shared in the book are exquisite and will take readers on a magical literary trip. The poems are well worded, evocative, and ethereal, and the poet's thoughts of explaining the images and words will guide readers who are interested in art and photography to channel their inner talents and come up with their dream works.

Visions of Light: Inspirational Poetry and Stunning Photography

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