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Product description: Each purse is made from an original Debbie Tracey painting.


Size: 8 x 5"


Material: Cotton


About the Artist: My art is inspired by many of life experiences and those I am still to have. I am stimulated bythe variety of colors and see now that bold color brings me joy. I love the fluid movement of mywork which becomes a "dance" with the canvas. I am always excited to see the end product ofmy painting.

Many paintings become an association with island life. When I begin a painting, I have no preconceived idea of what image will appear on my canvasas this develops through the process of flow. I work with my canvas setting flat on a table so Ican view it from all angles. I pour the paint with an added medium and move the canvas to apoint where I then use a pallet knife or brush to complete that part of the painting. The painting evolves with new colors or layers added to the canvas.

Each painting is open to the viewer'sintrospection. The end result always creates an emotion of surprise and delight. People that see my art are moved by the fluid nature of my piece and bright colors. Many say itbrightens their lives and home and often takes them back to the islands where they can feel thewarmth, breezes, and smells of island life.



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