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“Mr. Blue Sky” by Nathun Finkhouse.  Watercolor print on matte paper. 

This painting turns the viewer’s perspective upward for a showcase of the beautiful shapes, colors, and textures found in a partly cloudy sky.  With only the tops of trees bordering the bottom of the painting, the focus is wholly on the clouds and brilliant, ultramarine blue sky.  The original painting is 20”x14” and was created in 2020. 


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Artist Bio


Nathun Finkhouse is an artist from the Pacific Northwest who works in watercolor, acrylic, pencil, and other media.  Nathun became interested in art at a very young age and has now been active in the arts for about twenty years.  While Nathun’s work spans a variety of subjects, his predominant interests lie in landscape paintings.


His paintings feature the beautiful scenes found in the Pacific Northwest with many of his pieces also including a rustic element such as a weathered barn or rusty car.  Nathun is interested in the power nature has to overgrow and reclaim human-made objects like buildings and vehicles.  Given enough time, nature inevitably interweaves itself with whatever is in the environment.  Many of his pieces feature that moment in which the grass, roots, or earth itself has practically become one with the inorganic object in the scene.  Something like a dilapidated barn can appear as organic and unruly as a pine tree or unkempt field of grass and weeds.


Nathun’s style can be described as realistic with hints of impressionism.  With every piece, Nathun is looking to find a balance between reproducing a particular scene and enhancing the moment through vivid color, high contrast, and unique perspectives.


Nathun Finkhouse is an active artist in the Vancouver, WA area with memberships in art groups including the Mosaic Arts Alliance, Southwest Washington Watercolor Society, and Southwest Washington Artists.  His work can be found displayed at exhibits put on by these groups and their corresponding websites.  To view Nathun’s complete portfolio, find him at

Mr. Blue Sky

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