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"Electronic 2" by Jennifer Hart.  4" x 10" made from a wedi board, mortar, misc bits, and pieces. What can I say about Electronic 2 that I couldn't say about Electronic 1? Nothing different. This is a piece with bits and bobs of this and that. I wish I could label all the bits, but they and the bobs are all a mystery to me. I just like how it all looks together.Any special care instructions: Interior Use Only

Jennifer Hart

 I embrace reduce/reuse/recycle/repurpose in my personal life and my artwork. I want to see and use things in a new way. Scrap wood with its knots, nail holes, bark, old paint, and myriad of imperfections is a true treasure not to be tossed aside. Old cabinet doors are a perfect slate and as an added bonus their angles are usually pretty square. One of my most recent finds was a Made in Oregon cutting board with all its knife marks and faded logo. I had to have it and immediately used it for my piece Soft Pink. I love the hunt and scraping the bottom of the bin or bucket for that interesting piece of metal of which I have no idea of its original purpose, but I see shape, texture, color, and possibility. Miscellaneous metal, rusty old hardware, nuts, bolts, chains, wire, hinges, deadbolts, screws, nails, and washers, Oh my! And then there is glass, pottery, tile, china, beads, bobbles, and old jewelry. The possibilities are endless and every piece is unique.


Electronic 2

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