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"Aspirations: Earn Fantastic Income With Your Imaginative" by Raymond Klein.  Hardcover book.  215 Pages. Publication Date: August 2021. 


This book makes a special gift as it comes with a personalized note from the author.  


ASPIRATIONS depicts the lifelong career of a "Master of Photography." The photographs and the descriptions of their creation are meant to inspire the novice practitioner. Once an individual has seriously begun working with the craft they will begin to enjoy the results of their endeavors and realize the value of the images they create.


The book deals with earnings possible within the advertising field by depicting the variety of subject matter the photographer encountered. The earnings are discussed and actually shown with checks received from organizations and individuals.


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Book review by Mihir Shah

"Don’t stop after... you have accomplished one terrific

photograph. Explore other possibilities and push your thoughts to find new angles to dramatize the image."

Quite literally a "Master of Photography," Klein follows the path of his previous offerings such as Illumination with this book. However, whereas other works traversed more of his journey to becoming a success in the field of photography, this compilation charts his journey with an intent to magnify the importance of what aspiring photographers can and must do to not only survive but truly thrive in the world of photography.

What began with his father's Kodak camera has now become a love affair deeply rooted in teaching others to harness their passions through imagination and experimentation. While there are numerous photography outlets, Klein stresses the benefits of breaking into advertising while getting familiar with the technicalities and business side of the craft. He shares his iconic influences, ranging from artists like Picasso and Pollock to photographers like Irving Penn and Robert Capa, to encourage audiences to find their own stimulating inspirations that will kickstart their imaginations.

Klein examines critical film photography, especially camera equipment and electronic flash, while simultaneously demonstrating his skill with Adobe Photoshop and modern technology in photography. More specifically, Klein takes aspiring photographers through his entire thought process for his most iconic, successful, and dramatic pieces, helping them understand firsthand his "16 Steps to Discovering Value in Photographic Imagery." Perhaps what makes this book so intriguing is its ability to portray the author's personal journey authentically. Klein is unafraid of providing wisdom on what worked for him, even if it was necessary to devour books like Photoshop for Dummies to help him transition into the more digital world. Resplendent and technically unparalleled images combined with a deep insight into making photography a career make Klein's work a must-read.

Aspirations: Earn Fantastic Income With Your Imaginative Photography

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