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Display and Sell Your Artwork

Membership in Mosaic Arts Alliance is open to all artists and art supporters, and includes opportunities to display and sell your artwork as follows.

  • Reduced rates on entry fees to Mosaic Arts Alliance virtual and in-person shows.

  • Mosaic Arts Alliance annual member-only summer and winter exhibitions

  • Access to display art at local businesses and restaurants in Clark County.

  • Mosaic members may apply to display their artwork in a variety of venues and exhibitions around town.

    • Many are group shows, but others are for individual artists.

    • Some shows are weekend events and others are one or two months long.


Through Mosaic Arts Alliance, you will have the opportunity to meet other local artists.  

  • Opportunities to network and connect with other creative people. 

  • Collaborate with other artists to create, display, and enjoy art in our community.

  • Be involved in a non-profit organization that supports the arts in Clark County.

Support Our Mission

Mosaic member artists are required to pay annual dues and are encouraged to participate in bi-annual member meetings. 

  • All members pay 2023 annual dues of $25 (effective immediately through October 1, 2023) which provides them the option to exhibit their artwork in Mosaic Arts Alliance art shows, art events, and “Art Around Town” locations. 

  • As a nonprofit organization, Mosaic Arts Alliance is run by a Board of Directors and volunteers. Members are encouraged to get involved with the alliance by volunteering, joining the Board of Directors, and/or attending our biannual meetings. Participation in the board or meetings is not required for membership. 

Join Mosaic Arts Alliance!


Annual 2023 Dues

$25 until October 1, 2023

Welcome to MAA!

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