• Mosaic Arts Alliance is a 501(c) 3 which provides local 2D and 3D artists of all media the opportunity for collaborative and creative growth.  

  • The mission of Mosaic Arts Alliance is to create a community that recognizes the importance of art in each individual life and in our wider world. 

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Mosaic Arts Alliance Members,


Due to the closure of Angst Gallery and other Mosaic Arts Alliance (MAA) venues MAA is calling a moratorium on dues at this time until we are fully open and operational again.


Regarding 2020 dues already paid:  For each month we are closed (Mar, Apr, May, etc.), a credit of approximately $4.16/mo. will be applied toward 2021 membership dues when they are due.
Regarding membership renewals for the remainder of 2020:  When the moratorium is lifted, members will be billed a pro-rated amount of approximately $4.16/mo. to renew their membership."


Thank you for all you do and your support of MAA!


Bill Ferguson

President Mosaic Arts Alliance

Vancouver, WA


Our partnerships with local restaurants, hotels, offices and other establishments allow us to showcase our members’ artwork and provide a vital service to the community.  By offering exhibit space for artists, local business owners add interest and beauty to their decor.  We continue to add to the list of venues that benefit from artwork in their settings.  


To learn how your business can enjoy a partnership with Mosaic Arts Alliance, email us.   


To see a list of our current business partners, click on the “Events” tab above.

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