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VIsion and MISSION

Our vision is to create an association of artists for the purposes of social interaction,
peer learning, resource sharing, and the promotion of art and artists in our community.


   In order to fulfill our vision, our mission is to:

  • Procure a variety of venues for our members to physically display their art;

  • Promote our members’ art and art activities on our website, in social media, and in local news outlets;

  • Offer periodic workshops for the benefit of our members;

  • Provide opportunities for members to show their art in non-juried shows; and

  • Create virtual space for member exhibitions of 2D and 3D art.

We have a very important announcement to make that affects all members regarding the future of Mosaic Arts Alliance.  As most of you know, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year.  Sadly, we are having to announce that this will be our final year.
Our mission through the years has been to promote the visual arts in Clark County to young and old, beginner and professional.  We embraced all mediums, hence our name, Mosaic Arts Alliance.  We feel strongly that the art group that best reflects our own mission is one that many of you already belong to....the Society of Washington Artists.  So much so that we are making preparations to donate our remaining assets to them at the end of the year.  They just celebrated their 60th year in 2022!
We are extending everyone's membership until the end of the year so that you may continue to benefit from our two venues, The Hilton and Elements Restaurant.  After the end of the year, participation in these venues will still be available through SWA.  Janus will continue to manage Elements from SWA and Nathun Finkhouse will continue to manage The Hilton from SWA.  We are also hoping to transition MAA's online Gift Shop to SWA for the benefit of our 3D members.  Membership in SWA begins in January so we are hoping that if you are not members of SWA that you will join them when our membership ends.  SWA annual dues are $40.
Our plans for the December Artisan Market are still a go!  It will be MAA's last event.  Our last hurrah.  If you participated last year, you know that it was a huge success.  Watch your emails as more information will be released in the coming months for this special holiday event.
Again, it is with great sadness that this decision to dissolve Mosaic Arts Alliance was made.  Without enough volunteers to serve on the Board, we could not move forward.  We are always committed to our artists and members and have your best interests at heart.  Therefore, our interim Board of Directors have stepped up and are committed to making this as smooth a transition into SWA as possible by working with their Board of Directors in the months ahead.
Your Interim Board of Directors


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